Aroma SWAT Team

Aroma SWAT Team

Special Workshop and Advanced Tactics

The Aroma SWAT team is an interdisciplinary team that was founded in this pandemic and uncertain time to give you new perspectives on specific issues. SWAT stands for "Special Workshops and Advanced Tactics" and is called in for out-of-the-box ideas, workflow assurance, work environment adjustments, spatial branding and post-Covid19 consumer behaviour changes.

The interdisciplinary team is agile, focused and goal-oriented. The standard equipment includes Post-its and Eddings in all calibres and colours, flipcharts, ducttapes, powerbooks and portable LED beamers.

Skills and competences

The agents are sharp-thinking specialists in brainstorming, flying mood boards, design thinking, positioning, 180° reverse method, metaphor and analogy technique, headstand technique, intuitive and discursive skills, blowing up rooms and much more. 

Depending on the task, the Aroma SWAT team includes agents from the fields of concept, branding, storytelling, scenography, curation or architecture.

Attention! Working together with the Aroma SWAT Team can change your organisation forever.
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