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Swiss Tradition 

AVIA has been relying on the power of the alliance for 90 years. The AVIA Association has 10 regional members with around 500 employees.

Every five years AVIA invites to the meeting: a combination of information and exchange platform. This year's meeting was all about "Schwingen". The "Show Schwingen" in several courses enthused the audience.  And as a souvenir there was a photo with Joel Wicki himself. After the moderated plenary session, the guests enjoyed the various food stands in the lively event and market hall. Several activities like "Hau den Lukas" or the skill game "Nageln" (nailing) did not only provide entertainment, but also new encounters and an informal exchange.

"The new concept for our event met with all-round enthusiasm: from the welcome to the festive program," says Lynn Poell, Head of Marketing.


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