Retail Campagning

DBD März 2020
Photo: Annik Vanal / Emilia Lendi

pollen season

Spring marks the start of the pollen season and for more than 1.2 million Swiss people the hay fever season. Aroma is implementing the retail campaign for Dr. Bähler Dropa's pharmacies.

"When designing the shop windows, it is important that the designed subjects have an effect from a distance as well as in the immediate vicinity", says Vera Kobler, graphic designer at Aroma. "In addition, the more than 60 locations have retail areas of varying sizes. This must be taken into account in the concept."

Aroma is a long-standing partner for the seasonal retail campaigns: from conception, creation and production to rollout at all locations. Impressions of other campaigns can be found here.


Dropa März 03
Photo: Annik Vanal / Emilia Lendi
DBD März 2020 01