Inside Architecture
Left: Roger Stämpfli, Aroma / Right: Reto Helbling, Zurich Tourism
Photo: David Jäggi. 

"Aroma Inside" in the office city landscape

The new event format "Aroma Inside" offers a unique and inspiring look behind the scenes of selected architectural and interior projects.

The opening took place at the headquarters of Zurich Tourism, where Roger Stämpfli, Aroma Executive Creative Director and MP, presented the office concept.

Brand alined Interior

The newly renovated premises transport the brand identity on an architectural level, whereby the spatial concept is additionally oriented to an urban architecture, the Zurich city quarters and the field of action of Zurich Tourism. 

The facilities are characterised by a unique atmosphere and excellent acoustics. The Open Space office area offers focused working thanks to privacy and sound-absorbing elements. Focus and meeting zones as well as traffic areas differ from work islands in terms of lighting and materials.

Themetically the seven conference rooms pick up on Zürich Tourisms field of action. One of the highlights is the conference room, dedicated to the topic of invention, in which the game designer Philomena Schwab participated. She also gave an insight into her work.

Behind the scenes

In addition to convincing ideas, to meet on an equal footing, commitment and joy of cooperation lead to project success. "Our goal is to develop a joint understanding. It is the only way we can create spaces which transport brand identity, reflect different work situations and promote a climate for cooperation." said Eugen Brunner, Aroma Managing Director and MP.

Aroma Inside 2


A successful start throughout

Participant Philipp Vassalli, Managing Director Welti-Furrer AG, comments on the event: "Exciting guests, inspiring conversations and concrete insights into the impressive work of Aroma using the original and authentic spatial concept of Zurich Tourism."

The next event is being planned

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Project insight into the office concept of Zürich Tourism.