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Selfie Hotel Lausanne Galerie 01

Contemporary Museum

In the heart of Lausanne

The big festivals will be cancelled in the summer of 2021 as well, and travelling abroad is still proving to be extremely inconvenient. The numerous leisure activities are also only available to a limited extent. In order to still be able to offer a young audience an eventful place-to-be, the Selfie Hotel is going into the next round.

Enjoying and catching up on missed experiences

Designed as an interactive pop-up museum, 24 elaborately designed experience rooms full of spectacular surprises await guests of the Selfie Hotel in the redesigned Hotel Alpha Palmiers in Lausanne.

We are the future - committed to sustainability

It is not only the experience at the Selfie Hotel that will be remembered. Here, climate and energy efficiency and renewable energy can be experienced directly. Installations, interactive rooms and stagings raise awareness of sustainable mobility, energy-efficient electrical appliances and CO2-saving travel, among other things.

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The project is supported by the #WIRSINDZUKUNFT sustainability campaign. It is supported by well-known companies and SwissEnergy. It aims to encourage the Swiss population to make their everyday lives more energy-efficient and to actively address the issues of energy and climate protection.