Aroma Architecture




The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture strengthen the interdisciplinary dialogue and communicate the significance of architecture and design to the international public. Last but not least, they honour those who set new impulses with visionary power.

The WOW Museum is awarded "Best of Best" with the following jury statement: Anyone who visits the WOW Museum embarks on an expedition that is as fantastic as it is playful, into a world full of optical illusions and sensory deceptions. The numerous stages to be explored over an area of 400 square metres constantly test the eye and the brain and provide not only many wow experiences but also, thanks to digital explanatory guides, aha experiences. The creative diversity of irritating shapes, perspectives and reflections is remarkable, and their astounding, sensory-deceptive effect is ingeniously enhanced by intense colours and light installations. This succeeds so overwhelmingly well that one not infrequently thinks of losing oneself in infinity.