Neue Kreativ-Mitarbeiter Aroma

AROMA expands its creative competence

Kevin Fries joins Aroma as retail designer and senior concept developer of Pfeffermint. While studying industrial design, he met his design partner Jakob Zumbühl. Together they created various projects, furniture and products, such as the Wald-Haus lamp or various objects for Eternit. Jasper Morrison honoured their debut product in his exhibition at the Museum of Design. Further career stations were Freitag and Mooris.ch.

Kevin Fries

Enthusiastic about material, product and media design, Martina Horber learned cross-media storytelling in the Bachelor Multimedia Engineering course. In addition to her own exhibitions, as a concept designer she creates spaces where brands become experiences. "Their spatial understanding of design and the courage to try out new things fit perfectly with our culture," says Roger Stämpfli, Executive Creative Director of Aroma.

Adrian Graf joins Aroma from Farner and with a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication in the Cast/Audiovisual Media program. His bachelor's thesis "A Guide to the Apocalypse" won him the 2019 ADC Student of the year Award and the Eyes & Ears of Europe. As a social media and content manager, he knows his way around the digital channels.

Foto Mitarbeiter

Karin Knapp is also fresh on board as Communication Manager. With more than 20 years of professional experience in communication agencies and on the customer side, she is responsible for Aroma's trends and corporate communication. The Schaffhausen native has an Executive Master's degree in communication and leadership. "With Adrian and Karin we have sought and found a strong dream team", says Barbara Brandmaier, Head of Creation and Communication.

With Stefan Merz, Aroma has gained an experienced concept developer, consultant and project manager who is committed to Aroma after 24 years with Eventmanufaktur Merz+Partner. For Aroma, this new collaboration is the ideal addition to the existing team.

Stefan Merz