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Schweizer Digitaltage
5 September 2022

Cryptostamp: Art through AI

Under the motto "Together we shape the digital future" of the Swiss Digital Days 2022, our Aroma Creative Team designed a collaborative, digital art-making experience.

Participants select two terms related to digitalisation and Switzerland on a touchscreen. With the help of artificial intelligence, the terms are transformed into a digital artwork. The artwork created can then be downloaded by the participants. In addition, you have the opportunity to register as an artist to become part of the third edition of Swiss Post's Crypto Stamps. The generated artworks will also be reinterpreted and auctioned off for a good cause at the closing event in Zug.

"As artificial intelligences are becoming more and more common and self-evident in our daily lives, without us creating an awareness of them, we want to use "Swissp[Ai]nt" to offer an understanding of new technologies and a stage for dialogue in a playful way in order to better understand artificial intelligences, as well as the resulting input-output relations, by means of works of art." Alexander Naumer, Digital Experience Architect at Aroma.

The AI touchscreen art generator has been touring Switzerland since 5 September 2022 until 27 October as part of the Swiss Digital Days, with stops at 21 locations.

05.09. Opening of the Swiss Digital Days with Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis 
20.09. Zurich
21.09. Schaffhausen
22.09. Winterthur
27.09. / 28.09. Lausanne
29.09. Geneva
11.10. / 12.10. St. Gallen
13.10. Vaduz    
18.10. Einsiedeln
19.10. Rotkreuz
20.10. Lucerne
27.10. Zug 

Concept, design, PoC: Aroma Creative; technical implementation: Lucid; roadshow support: Aroma Productions.

Schweizer Digitaltage