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Even in times like these, we want to inspire you; from home office to home office, so to speak. Today on the subject of presentation in Video-Calls.

Normally we attach great importance to show our clients the presentation in person at the meeting. Why? The presenter immediately perceives the body language and facial expressions of the audience: am I too fast, too slow, do I need a time window for questions, an additional explanation? When looking at the video boxes, this important connection to the audience is lost.

It is all the more important that everything runs smoothly in the video call, and this can be achieved with good preparation and clear moderation. 

If several people are presenting, it is not only necessary to determine in advance who will present which part, but also to define who will take on the role of moderator. Otherwise, if the speaker role can change spontaneously and be perceived as enriching throughout, the effect in video calls is different: unprepared.

Speaking of unprepared: eliminate possible technical breakdowns in advance. This means securing the Internet connection, charging the battery, getting the headset ready and familiarising yourself with the video conferencing tool. How do I switch the camera and microphone on and off? Where is the chat function? Even the desktop needs to be tidied up before sharing your screen and all devices - from mobile to radio - are silent. For roommates: please do not disturb at this time.

The split screen background should also look tidy and clear - whether in the office or at home - and you can calmly present yourself in the best light. The light should therefore come from the front or the side, never from behind. The face is positioned as centrally as possible in the screen. 

During the video call you should sit upright and avoid hectic activity. Normal speech volume is sufficient, even if the conversation partners are miles away. Your own microphone is muted while others are talking. 

A warm hello and a greeting are also part of the videocall, as well as asking questions and the room for requests to speak. After all, you also want to build up closeness at a distance.

And last but not least: You can also dress up for the online presentation.

Bigna Suter works in the conception department at Aroma and is passionate about presenting. Recently also online. 

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