Hybrid or what?

Hybrid Event 01
Photo: Fidel Fernando

We need connecting experiences. Especially now.

The corona virus threatens the live communication industry by canceling face-to-face meetings around the world. This does not mean that nobody needs events. Our customers want to make product announcements, connect their teams, interact with customers or inform the press.

Live events are big, immersive, shared experiences. They appeal to our senses, arouse emotions and connect us with like-minded people.

So how can we continue to serve these emotions? How can we create sensual experiences when we are no longer allowed to meet in larger groups?


Hybrid Event 02
Photo: Headway

Hybrid event formats

What has taken place physically so far cannot simply be transferred 1:1 into digital and online.

One possibility is the hybrid event. An event that is attended by a live and online audience at the same time and takes place at one or more locations simultaneously.

The art is to get the attention of the audience. Care must be taken to ensure a sense of community and equal involvement of the physical and digital participants.


Hybrid Event 03
Photo: Stella Jacob

Experience together

A true hybrid event uses technology to engage the online audience in a physically happening event experience - so online audience and live participants experience the same event, as similar as possible. Hybrid events allow online and live audiences to participate in the event. This means participating in Q&A, interacting with the speakers and interacting with other participants.

Breakouts become virtual round tables, live networking becomes virtual 1:1 lunches and meet-ups. Presentations and speeches should have varied formats and can be transmitted via streaming or held as interactive discussions. Educational events can be heard and viewed as podcasts, webinars or tutorials, for example. The technology allows us to package content in a way that meets the needs of the audience.

We at Aroma are happy to support you with our experience to find the right format for your content. 


Michael Hollstein

Text by Michael Hollstein. He is Creative Director and Head of Conception and furthermore our expert for live, hybrid or virtual events.