Even in times like these, we want to inspire you; from home office to home office, so to speak. Today on the subject of lighting.

It is almost tempting to place your home office with your monitor facing the window, so that you can also enjoy the beautiful view. But unfortunately, this is not recommendable, as our eyes are very much challenged when they have to focus on the dark screen in front of the sun-flooded background. This leads to tiredness and even headaches. A lateral daylight incidence is best for working at the screen.

It is important to bring enough brightness to the work surface without being dazzled by the light. In technical terminology, this is called Lux. Lux measures the luminous flux that is incident on a surface at a receiver. Artificial light in a well-lit office has at least 500 lux. It is also worth paying attention to this in the home office. After all, it helps to stay efficient for longer.

Ensure a pleasant lighting atmosphere throughout the room. A glance into a dark corner clouds the mood. After a long, focused working day, our vision is often blurred in the evening because we always set our eyes to the same distance. Since our eye and neck muscles are closely linked, we also get a tense neck. You can counteract this: take a break after 45 minutes and look into the distance and around.

Alessandro Nicotra is head of Architecture and is a lighting designer. 

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