Partnership with Eyevip

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What distinguishes a hybrid event

A hybrid event uses technology to engage the online audience in a physical event experience - so the online audience and live participants experience an equal event. Whether live or virtual, the goal is to create brand engagement through uniqueness and shared experience.

The question of the right platform

The market offers a variety of solutions, whose characteristics must be compared to the characteristics and design of the event. To enable participants to concentrate on the event content and experience, online access should be made as easy as possible. Because first impressions count. A laborious login procedure and user interfaces that are not intuitively understandable weaken the event.

The Swiss software solution

Is secure transmission a central concern? Through our partnership with Eyevip - the Swiss event management software company - we have the ideal platform for online formats like events and conferences. Video, chat and whiteboard are just some of the features. The browser-based solution offers end-to-end encryption and is FINMA compliant.


Questions about digital event formats? Michael Hollstein, Creative Director and Head of Concept, is our expert. Read his article on hybrid events here.