Swiss Federal Office of Energy

measurable live experience on sustainability for a young audience


temporary summer adventure hotel and festival presence 2021

Check-in Playground

As a reaction to the missing festival summer and the upcoming holiday season, the young audience is offered an eventful place-to-be in the redesigned 25hours hotel. On two floors and in different, spectacular rooms you can pose for the perfect selfie. 

Visitors can, for example, gaze into infinity, dive into a colourful bath without getting wet, stand on the viewing platform above a melting glacier or look down on the earth from space. The Selfie Hotel invites you to engage with topics and messages about climate protection and energy efficiency in an eventful way.

The temporary pop-up experience is open from 2 July to 30 August 2020.

Tickets can be ordered here:

Selfie (Hotel) in Progress

Selfie Hotel 04
Selfie Hotel 03
Selfie Hotel 03
Selfie Hotel Gallery 15


The "#Greenfestival" project appearance at various festivals combines environmental awareness with positive experiences and provides incentives to reduce energy consumption. 

The "Very Ecological Person-Lounge" is the centre of the concept. From sustainable accommodation, waste separation and recycling, to an appealing presentation and catering: the VEP Lounge emotionalizes the sustainable lifestyle.

Due to the pronounced ban on events in March, the project planned for summer 2020 is postponed to 2021.

Supported by partners from the economy and media as well as prominent ambassadors, the actions set a sustainable sign for the future. In cooperation with FS Activation.