In-depth knowledge transfer on the subject of electricity 


Permanent exhibition in the Umwelt Arena

Axpo Smart Energy Lab

In June 2020, Axpo will open the permanent exhibition "Smart Energy Lab" in the "Umwelt Arena", covering an area of around 200 square metres, in order to playfully communicate the interrelationships between energy production and energy consumption.

Visitors will try to keep electricity production and consumption in balance on five interactive exhibits, take part in electricity exchanges and electricity trading and, on a slide, learn how many passes are needed to charge a mobile phone. One exhibit is also dedicated to the electricity future of 2050: the aim is to ensure Switzerland's electricity supply with a good mix of electricity from sustainable sources, while at the same time reacting to the constantly changing weather.

The accompanying "library" is more than just a storage place for interesting exhibits from the world of energy. Touchscreens and books can be used to deepen knowledge of the various electricity producers and consumers. 

In cooperation with Fabritastika AG and Naut GmbH, an exhibition has been created that makes electricity tangible.

"With this exhibition we have succeeded in explaining the complex electricity landscape in a way that is easy to understand. We are eagerly awaiting the reactions of the first visitors."

Jeanette Schranz, Axpo Deputy Head Stakeholder Communications & PR Manager


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